TQ Tag

dah lame gilee tak update blog ni – ni sume gare2 ke’busy’an sbg seorang auditor. So jadinye, wedding preparation pun ditangguhkan hampir sebulan.huhu..

jadi, saye kembali!! tgh decide nak amek TQ tag yang mane…

setelah dibuat survey, hasilnye seperti di bawah yee…so pilih la =) =)

Projek Resepsi

yg ni di suggest oleh Cik Zaihan aka pengapit sayeeee =)

1. Standard size : 5 cm x 5 cm ( for other sizes, additional cost will be incurred)
2. Material: Art card (kertas keras) with punch hole
3. Color: Full color
4. Price:
– RM0.40 for less than 100 pieces
– RM0.30 for above 100 pieces
– RM 0.25 for above 500 pieces
– RM 0.20 for above 1000 pieces

*add RM 0.05 per piece to include ribbon at the punched hole OR upgrade to sticker

email: projek.resepsi@yahoo.com

Paper Lantern N’ Boxes

Tag RM 0.40/pcs

400-1000pcs RM 0.35/pcs

Using our template
Custom new design add on RM0.10/pcs

Detailed Description :-
Dimensions :2 inch
Materials : 200 italy pearl gsm

Sticker RM0.60/pcs
500pcs RM0.50/pcs
1000pcs RM0.35/pcs
Shape : Round / square
Dimensions: 2 inch, 2 colour

email: evapaperlantern@gmail.com

Wedding Thingy

email: weddingthingy@yahoo.com

square: 4 cm x 4 cm

round: 4 cm (diameter)

price RM0.55 for 400 pcs

Personalised design

Gadis Jumaat


SIZE: Scallop Diameter 2 inches
MATERIAL: Art Card/Glossy Sticker
PRINTING: Full Color Laserjet Print
FINISHING: Scallop Cut/Square Cut
MINIMUM ORDER: 100 pieces

DEPOSIT: Full payment upon order confirmation.


2″ Scallop Art Card/Sticker:
100-199pcs – $0.55/pc
200-499pcs – $0.45/pc
500-999 – $0.40/pc
1000++ – $0.35/pc

NOTE: NEW design request other than those displayed below will be charged an additional design fee of $5-$15 per design depending on the design complexity.

Can place order from the blog

Style Weddings

Minimum quantity for thank you tag is 200 units.
Material: Art Card 230 gsm

Size for thank you tag (rectangular). You have 2 options:
5.4 cm x 2.3 cm
4.0 cm x 4.0 cm

For custom made size and pattern, please email admin at styleweddings.my@gmail.com

Pricelist for Thank You tag:
200 – RM140
5 00 – RM150
750 – RM165
1000 – RM180
1500 – RM240
2000 – RM300

so far yg ni je..kalau ade ape2 lagi, saye akan update ye =)


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