Hand Bouquet

saye plan nak fresh flower for my hand bouquet – cume tgh fikir whether nak gune the same flower for my nikah & sanding or nak buat asing2?

These are some of hand bouquet yg cantekkk…=) saye suke yg round shape atau dgn kate lain berbentuk sfera.hahaahhaa

Taken from Elizabeth Anne Designs

Cream Peony Bouquet

i would prefer white for nikah since baju nikah warne pink..or maybe boleh mix dgn small flowers yg pink so that color die naik

Pink and Yellow Bouquet

this one pun sangat cantek

Pink Rose Bouquet

or PINK!! letak riben pun ok..but saye plan nak letak lace and buat beadings sikit on the lace

Red and White Bouquet

cantek pulak combination white & red =)

Pink Peony and Hydrangea Hand Tied Bouquet

colourful pon cantekk

Pink and White Peony Bouquet

sweeetttt =)

Taken from Wedding Flowers

Wedding Bouquet

saye suke bunge kecik yg purple tu…tapi taktau ape name bunge die.huhu

comel kan?

yg ni sesuai utk garden wedding kitorg nanti.eheheh =P letak orchid pon cantek jugak..


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