DIY Centerpiece – Crepe Flower

Kalau banyak mase , nak try buat centerpiece sendiri..hihi

This DIY taken from The Brides Cafe

macam2 DIY lagi ade kat website ni! menarik!

Thank you!


Crepe paper sheet


White floral cloth wire

White floral tape




1. Cut a strip of crepe paper about 5-4 inches wide and about 18 inches long. The grain of the crepe paper should be parallel to the longest sides. Fold in half several times until you have a small rectangle about 2 inches wide.

2. Cut the top edge, rounding it out to create a semi-circle shape. Unfold crepe paper strip.

3-4. Refold the crepe paper strip, but not exactly in half. When bringing the short ends together, stop a few inches short of matching them up exactly. Fold a few more times and cut a rounded petal edge on the opposite side as before. This will ensure that the scallops on each side are somewhat staggered. Unfold.

5. Now fold in half length wise. Take one end of crepe paper strip and secure it to the top of floral wire by making a loop with the wire and twisting it around crepe paper.

6. Begin to form flower. Gather the crepe paper as you turn the wire stem, and secure it with floral tape. Once the flower is fully formed, wrap the tape partially down the stem.

7. Using your fingers, adjust flower petals. Crepe paper has a bit of a stretch, so you can gently pull edges of petals to create a more realistic look. In the center of the flower, add a dab of glue and cover with microbeads.

Selamat Mencuba! (saye sendiri pon tak try lagi…hahahaha)


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