What else to prepare?

Baru amek sijil kahwin after one month attend kursusnye..hahahhaa. These few weekends asek busy je plus outstation memanjang – no time for myself =(

Just a few updates:

a) Baju nikah dah tempah

b) Wedding planner for both sides pon dah booking

c) photographer pun dah booking

d) Baju for family members pon dah beli! time kaseh mak!! hehehehe

e) Oh kad kahwen pon dah tempah jugak..hehe

So, what else to prepare?

a) design baju sanding

b) design pelamin

c) ideas for candy buffet =D

d) barang hantaran

e) guest list

hmmm dah taktau ape lagi.rase macam bnyk lagi..will update later!hehehehe




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